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Song Promotion on our Website & Streaming Sites

We promote your song on website that is visited by over 800 visitors daily. You can also avail free music promotion by subscribing to newsletters or by spreading the word around on social media. You can get as many as five hundred plays or likes or subscribers depending on the type of content you are promoting. Subscribing to the newsletters is also beneficial for all our clients as exclusive offers and discounts, special music promotion services and other relevant information can be directly communicated through email.

The regular newsletters also enable our clients to stay informed about what is happening in the music industry. Current trends, what competing artists are doing and how various strategies are working across platforms can help you to make informed decisions. You can choose the right kind of music promotion services.

You can also find out more about the different music promotion packages from time to time. Free SoundCloud promotion always comes with riders but not when you have it with GASC

About The Author

Mary T. Melody

Mary has been writing, producing, recording music for over 15 years. She started GASC in 2019 and has been helping artist get more exposure by providing a professional platform for the world to learn about and enjoy the artist. She work along with teams of expertise and professionals called “The GASC TEAM”