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    Discrediting The Messenger - ePUB
    In our world today we use many excuses to disregard and challenge authority? In Mark 11:27-33, the religious leaders questioned the authority of Jesus. Their aim is to publicly bring him down by discrediting Him. Jesus refused to take the bait and responded with a question that is beyond their understanding. The devil uses many tactics to discredit “faithful God’s messengers” and other children of God nowadays; his principal target is NOT the messenger but the Message that is being spread through the messenger to the Nations. The devil attacks many of God’s soldiers out there; using their family, friends, colleagues, local church members, local community and many others. These attacks is to get the messenger off track so that the Word didn’t get to those in need of it. This book is to give you accurate and deep intuitive understanding to the baits that the devil uses daily to discredit the messengers of the Gospel, and to properly help you in differentiating genuine ministers of the gospel from the counterfeit. Whether you are seeking guidance in your personal life or a deeper understanding of the teachings of Jesus Christ this book is a MUST read for you. GRAB Your Copy Now! This is a portable device version (ePub)
  • Only You Brown Walker ONLY YOU
    This song is a worship single rendered in Pidgin English, English, Efik, Igbo and Obolo. In this song, Brown Walter testifies of all the wonderful things God can do and Who He is to him.
    It’s a song of trust, hope and total reliance on God’s word through the tough and pleasant times, when we look back or look forward into our lives, we are sure that only God can see us through.
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