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The moment you begin to doubt God’s assistance in or over your life, there is a very serious problem .

This motivates me to talk about the inspiration behind this message filled gospel song ”OLURAN LOWO MI” by me (AYO DAVID) Coming from a polygamous family with five wives and lots of children alongside lot of challenges that could have claimed my life.

Words can’t describe how difficult life was for me but since the day I handed over the steering wheel of my life to God who has been my navigator and helper (OLURAN LOWO MI), my life became a living testimony . His word is ye and amen.

Ayo David is a Music Minister, A certified musicologist at Emmanuel school of music,an affiliate to Peter kings school of music Lagos.2007, A Recording Artist and a Music Director.Ayo David is a gifted song writer, composer and singer.

Hails from Osun,ikirun(Ifelodun local government) state,He has Thought as a director or Music in numerous churches, choir,band respectively.He is spirit filled Gospel musician. He started is Music career as a song writer.He released a popular song “Wonderful” in 2015,Produced by Peter.P -.Ayo David also has a live band which is made in performing at all kinds of occasions…He also studied English At Adeniran Ogunsanya college of Education.He also had is degree in public Admin. at National Open University. his the founder of Ayo David Gospel Vibes.

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Published: October 25, 2020

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