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GREATER DAY: Mary T. Melody

Mary T. Melody releases this powerful Christ’ return single titled GREATER DAY

This song is a soul single composed to encourage and uplift believers to get ready for the coming of our Lord Jesus, The situation in the world that we lived right now is a great evidence that the coming of the Son of God is approaching and we all need to get set for the banquet.

Regardless of how you draw your end-times chart, let Jesus Himself occupy the center of it. The glorious hope of the church has always been in Christ’s triumphant return.

GREATER DAY is produced by Nick Best

GREATER DAY – Mary T Melody
Size: 4 MB

About The Author

Mary T. Melody

Mary has been writing, producing, recording music for over 15 years. She started GASC in 2019 and has been helping artist get more exposure by providing a professional platform for the world to learn about and enjoy the artist.

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