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ÈmÍ Àwon Èmí – Daniel De Ordained

Daniel De Ordained releases this amazing and powerful spirit filled song, titled “Émi Áwon Émi”

Émi Áwon Émi is A Yoruba Word Meaning Spirit Of Spirits, the Word Alone Is Spiritually Birthed By The Spirit of God, and all this While, I do acknowledge and ascribe God As A spirit being.

But Four Months Ago, I was on the high way travelling, I slept off and he simply spoke to my ears in Yoruba Dialect….

“Emi Ni Emi Awon Emi”
Meaning ….”I Am The Spirit Of Spirits”

Since then I’ve been studying more to understand the message, and trust me with the help of the Holy Spirit I got the message He passed across.

Listen, There are several spirits, But God is the SPIRIT of spirits,
Its a deep word which one can only be understood by the help of the Holy Spirit.

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Mary T. Melody

Mary has been writing, producing, recording music for over 15 years. She started GASC in 2019 and has been helping artist get more exposure by providing a professional platform for the world to learn about and enjoy the artist. She work along with teams of expertise and professionals called “The GASC TEAM”